I enjoy finding reasons to indulge in new products, especially with the changing seasons. Typically, my clients visit me about four times a year for their hair appointments, and we like to adapt their hair care routines to suit the current season.

During spring and summer, many of my clients are recovering from various lightening services and are often preparing for beach vacations or extended overseas trips. In these warm months, their hair requires extra care and strengthening. As a result, I recommend repairing products to help maintain the health and vitality of their hair.

When fall arrives, we shift our focus to transitioning to more hydrating and nourishing hair care products. It's time to consider swapping serums for oils, conditioners for hair masks, and gel-based shampoos for richer, creamier formulas. If you notice increased hair static during the cooler months, it's a clear signal that it's time to make these adjustments.

Here are some of my favorite upgrades for maintaining healthy hair as the temperature drops:

Shampoo: Nutritive Shampoo, Silk Bloom, Gold Lust 

Masks: Elixir, Urban Moisture, Moisture and Control 

Oils: Oleo Relax, Essence Absolu, Gold Lust

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