Why Consultations Are Important Before Getting Extensions

Why Consultations Are Important Before Getting Extensions

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Sarah King Lynch

A few weeks back I decided I needed a new indoor plant for my living room, so I went to our local nursery and quickly found an employee and told him that I wanted an olive tree. I went in with the idea of what I wanted and the look I was trying to create. The kind guy that I was demanding this tree from then said he needed to know a few things before selling me said tree. He wanted to know which direction the room was facing that I was going to put it in, which part of the room it would be in, the average temperature  of my house and how well I maintenance my plants I already have. After all was said and done I wen home with a ficus and this thing is gorgeous and thriving. If I would have went home with the olive tree I wanted, it would have died and I would have wasted a lot of money.

All this to say, we see the same thing here at Indigo Child. Our guest calls in and says they want a certain method of extension, wants a price quote and wants to book the soonest appointment available. While we understand you want a beautiful transformation before the weekend arrives, it’s important to remember hair health comes first. We have every extension consultation in person in salon so that we can determine a few things.

The Importance of In-Person Consultations

1. Choosing the Right Method for Your Lifestyle

Just like my olive tree dream, not every hair extension method is suitable for every lifestyle. Say you want a weft, but you’re a workout queenand you wear a high pony five days a week. A weft might not be your best option. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your daily routine and help you choose a method that won’t just look great, but will also fit perfectly into your life.

2. Matching Colors and Lengths

Hair extensions should blend flawlessly with your natural hair. We offer over 70 colors and various lengths to ensure we can customize your look perfectly. During your consultation, we’ll find the best match for your current hair color and desired length, whether you want it longer, fuller, or both.

3. Budget and Maintenance Discussion

Price matters. We want you to feel confident about your investment. At the end of your consultation, we’ll provide an exact price quote. We’ll also discuss the maintenance required for your chosen method, making sure that you’re fully prepared for what’s involved.

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