Sink Into Bliss: Indigo's Luxurious Treatments

Sink Into Bliss: Indigo's Luxurious Treatments

Written by
Sarah King Lynch


When planning out the design of Indigo, my first focus was the area where our guests enjoy their shampoo experience. We quickly labeled this area the treatment room. Most of the time we hear that getting shampooed is their favorite part of getting their hair done, so we really wanted to lean into that. We made sure that the lights are dim, the music is relaxing and that you have a chance to upgrade your experience with a signature treatment. Not only does this treatment target two of your hair needs, if come with (i like to say) a yummy scalp massage. What's better than that!? When you sit down for your shampoo you will often hear the phrase “Would you like to do a treatment today?”


Would you like to do a treatment today!? If you have been to Indigo Child, you have been asked this question. 


Here are the top four responses we get:

Do you think I need it?

Yes! There is a treatment for everyone. We have over 30 combinations specifically for your hair concerns.

Sure! Whatever you think!

Great! We will blend something specifically for you and you will get to enjoy a yummy scalp massage.

Not today.

We totally understand! We are always willing to work with your beauty budget and understand that not everyone has the time to spend that day.

Why do I need one?

Think of these treatments just as if you were seeing your skincare professional. Our aestheticians put very concentrated treatments that can penetrate our dermis at a molecular level. Well, it's the same with our treatments. The molecules are smaller that can get deeper into the hair cortex. These help repair and moisturize along with the cosmetic benefits as well.

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