Out of the many things that we love at Indigo, (an espresso martini being the first) lived-In looks fall somewhere shortly after. The concept of creating a look that will turn heads regardless of the way it’s been styled or how long it has been since you came into our salon is a consistent goal we work to achieve. Knowing all of these details, we sat down with one of our very own, Mary Will, to get her secrets behind Lived-In Looks, who they’re perfect for, and unravel the simple maintenance routine that comes with this choice of hair coloring. 

Why do you love Lived-In Looks? 

The lived-In look right now is the new age of color because it gives you the best flexibility outside of the salon. It gives you and your stylist the opportunity to customize your look to be the most authentic blonde to you.  That's the entirety of lived-In looks and a big reason why I love them! It's a sun-kissed touch that transforms the hair into a work of art, leaving my guests with a beautiful and clean look almost as if they had never even been in my chair. 

How do you achieve this look? 

Lived-In Looks are the result of a technique that embraces your hair's natural cut and color, that gives you a carefree and lived-in vibe. It's like my equivalent of painting with an invisible brush, creating an ethereal effect that perfectly complements your unique features authentically. As one of my favorite colorists has said “It’s coloring hair as though they have spent a lot of time in the sun”. 

Who do you recommend the Lived-In Looks to?

I would have to say anyone who loves a low-maintenance vibe but demands a high-quality service. If you're someone who wants to enhance your natural color and cut without constantly having to be at the salon, a lived-In look is the perfect option for you. Regardless of how busy life can get or if you’re just looking for something with minimal effort and maximum impact, I think this is perfect for you. 

What is the Maintenance like? 

Once you've got the lived-In look, you won't need to rush back to the salon every other week. You can relax, because you'll only need to visit the salon every 12-16 weeks to maintain your hair fresh and cute. It’s such a hassle-free routine which means more time for a girls' night out, date nights, or even a cute night in with some friends. 

This look is best achieved with a hair professional, so find the best salon near you or if you’re in Dallas come and see me at Indigo Child!

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