We think you’ll agree when we say that the luckiest women in the world are the ones with hair that grows as quickly and vibrantly as weeds. If you’ve always had trouble growing your hair out, you’re familiar with the jealous pang you feel upon seeing a woman walk by with real hair down to her ass. We see you and we understand you, which is why we highly suggest investing in hair extensions so good, no one will know you’re not one of those girls.

Imagine finally having the volume and length you’ve dreamed of without having to take or use 10 different supplements! Extensions can be pricey, sure, but they’re the kind of investment that keeps on giving. Here are some top tips on how to get the most out of your extensions and make them last.


Daily Routine

While there’s definitely a “set it and forget it” vibe with hair extensions, one thing you can do daily to ensure they stay untangled and stunning is to brush them out. More hair typically means more tangle, so the more proactive you are about brushing, the better! However, you shouldn’t use just any brush. A boar’s hair bristle brush is your best weapon for extensions when they’re dry, and a wet brush is best when you’re, you know, brushing them wet! You can also get you a brush that does both AKA a hybrid brush. These types of brushes feature a combo of both nylon and boar’s hair bristles, and we sell them on our website!

Still managed to get your extensions in a tangle? No worries. A few spritzes of a leave-in conditioner or detangler will work wonders as you brush it through your hair. Oh, and be sure to always apply a heat protectant before heat-styling your new locks!



 A silk pillowcase and keeping your hair in a loose braid or bun will do wonders for making your extensions last while you get your beauty sleep. This really goes for all hair, but especially extensions. Never go to bed with your hair wet either; if you prefer to shower at night, use your heat protectant, blow dry your extensions, and loosely braid it before bed to prevent breakage and nasty tangles.



Some people have to shower daily or they feel gross. Others (*raises hand*) manage a few showers a week and couldn’t be more content about it. The good news is there are certain extensions we recommend for each lifestyle.

If you’re someone who can’t make it through the day without a shower, we strongly recommend hand-tied extensions. This is because they use zero adhesive, therefore are not as prone to slipping and sliding out of place on account of your relentless shampooing and conditioning! 

If washing your hair frequently isn’t your thing, you are good to get tape-in extensions. Just be extra cautious when it comes to conditioning your hair, as conditioner can weaken the adhesive. As long as you’re leaving the top half of your hair alone and concentrating mainly on the bottom half, you’ll get the most important parts of your hair conditioned (i.e. the ends!) while protecting your extensions.

While you should never use just any old, run-of-the-mill shampoo and conditioner no matter what kind of hair you have, this is especially true with extensions. We highly recommend using only sulfate-free products to maintain the integrity and color of your hair. Sulfates are like a sauna for hair and can make it drier than the Sahara. Also, be sure to use a leave-in conditioner or moisture mask to keep your hair tangle-free and shiny!


Working Out

We see you in the gym, and we are cheering you on from the couch with a glass of wine, girl! But for real. If you’re an active kind of girl who gets sweaty in the gym on a regular basis, hand-tied extensions are ideal. That’s because they provide max volume and coverage while blending perfectly with your natural hair, so when you tie her up in a ponytail or bun, no one will see the extension panels—you’ll just look like a hot chick with super long, thick hair who loves to workout! Plus, higher ponytails or buns do well with hand-tied extensions.

Tape-in extensions are definitely better for our fellow athleisure enthusiasts who consider dressing the part to be the workout. However, if you have tape-in extensions and they get wet or sweaty from a real workout, use a blow dryer as quickly as you can afterwards to reseal the adhesive that holds them in place. A lower ponytail or loose braid are the best styles for tape-in extensions when it comes to the gym.



Being a Texas-based business, a question we often get regarding extensions is “Okay, but can I swim in them, though?!” Texas summers are a way of life and the only way to survive them is basically living in the pool, so we get it.

The short answer to this question is yes. The long answer is yes, BUT you must be extra diligent to take care of your extensions before, during, and after submerging them in any kind of water.

Before you cannonball your way into the pool, saturate your hair with fresh water and apply conditioner from midway to the ends of your extensions. Doing so will provide a crucial protective barrier that will prohibit your hair from absorbing too much of the harsh chlorine chemicals from the pool or drying out from the ocean saltwater. Also, be sure to use a mineral-based SPF like Sun Bum. This is because so many other SPFs can turn your extensions pink and, unless that’s the color you were going for, we don’t want that. 

While you swim, consider braiding your extensions to completely avoid the post-swim tangle. We know you want to look like a mermaid, but Ariel could’ve rocked a braid and still looked gorgeous.

When you’re done splishing and splashing, you may be tempted to pour your third margarita and lounge poolside while your extensions dry naturally. We’re not saying you can’t do this, we’re just suggesting you don’t. The quicker you can get to a blow dryer to fully dry them, the better. Also, try to wash and condition your extensions after every swim to remove nasty chemicals and rehydrate your flowing locks.


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