Blondes may have more fun but getting to and maintaining that perfect shade is anything but. We’re way too familiar with the blonde hair journey and are determined to make it a whole lot more manageable and approachable for clients who are thinking of lightening up, which is why we’re sharing these three blonde hair care tips to live by so you can maintain a beautiful and healthy shade of blonde!


There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Moisture

Bleaching your hair is cool but harsh (sort of like that best friend who tells it like it is but gets away with it because she’s so chill and fashionable). Bleaching dries the crap out of your hair, but no worries—there’s a fix and her name is hydration!

If you’re a shower-every-day kind of lady, you might cringe when we say that you should avoid frequently washing your blonde hair as much as possible. Constantly lathering up your hair not only negatively effects its color (i.e. it fades!), but it also strips your hair of natural oils which ultimately leaves you with dry, brittle hair.

Taking every chance you get to hydrate and moisturize your hair is what will save your blonde. Apply a hair mask at least once a week to promote hydration and be sure to use leave-in conditioner after every wash to lock moisture in! You should also try to spread out your washes more and use a high-quality dry shampoo in-between.


Only Use Hair Products Made Specifically for Blonde Hair

Gone are the days of grabbing whatever bottle of shampoo and conditioner is the cheapest. Using just any hair product is not going to cut it, especially when you have blonde hair. The wrong product will strip your hair of its color or, at the very least, change it to a color you never wanted.

Indigo Child stylists have all the best recommendations when it comes to using blonde-specific haircare, and we’re willing to be the first thing they’d say is “purple haircare products forever!” Purple products for blonde hair aren’t a gimmick; they’re designed to brighten your blonde hair by depositing violet pigments to neutralize any yellow tones, and it really works. Using a purple shampoo once or twice a week in place of your regular shampoo will help maintain the blonde tone you paid for.

Another non-negotiable for maintaining blonde hair? Heat protectant for heated styling. The right kind of heat protectant will help you avoid the dreaded fried ends, which almost always lead to frequent trims.


Make a Routine and Stick to it

The only way to get tangible results with anything in life is consistency, that’s why we can’t recommend enough to have a haircare routine you swear by and stick to come rain or shine. Here’s where we would start:

  • An infrequent hair washing schedule. Keep track in your planner or calendar!
  • Hair mask once a week
  • Leave-in conditioner after every wash
  • Purple shampoo for every second or third wash

Scheduling salon visits for in-between boosts and shines are vital as well. A few weeks after you color your blonde hair, make an appointment at your salon to get a hair glaze or gloss to reduce any brassiness and boost the shine of your blonde. Also, we know it’s annoying, but making appointments for regular trims in-between colorings is so important to avoid split ends and maintain a healthy mane!

Being a blonde beauty is work, but it’s not impossible. With regular upkeep and a good routine using the right products, you can keep your blonde hair looking its best day-to-day!

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