We believe that all hair is created equal, but that doesn’t mean all hair is the same or needs the same sort of treatment. If you’re a blonde (natural or not), you know the struggle of maintaining the shade of blonde you and your stylist work so hard to achieve each coloring session. So much of blonde hair maintenance comes down to having the right product on hand at home, so today we’re sharing our favorite shampoos and conditioners to ensure your blonde lasts and looks salon-fresh every day!


Hair Products Made for Blondes

We know how tempting cheap bottles of shampoo and conditioner can be. It’s just so much easier and affords you an extra glass of wine and charcuterie board that you otherwise might not have had the cash for. However, no one wants to be sipping wine and shoving cheese and crackers in their mouths with faded, brassy blonde hair, so using the right product for your hair is well worth the investment.

One of the best shampoos for blonde hair is from Kerastse’s Blonde Absolue line. Whether you have subtle blonde highlights or an overall blonde look, the Bain Lumière shampoo works to enhance the multidimensional layers of your blonde hair while also replenishing and repairing for a softer, smoother appearance. All products in this line have immediate anti-brass action that is insanely effective at keeping your shade brass-free and providing the nourishment your hair needs to recover from what you put it through. 

Another great lineup of products is the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Color Lustre shampoos and conditioners. The Color Lustre line is great for preventing your color from fading and preserves the lovely blonde shade you paid good money for! Moral of the story: buy a glass of the house red and save your dollars for your hair. Your tastebuds won’t notice, but your hair definitely will.


What is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is big in the world of blonde, and that’s because it was designed specifically for you. The violet micro-pigments used in purple shampoos work to neutralize yellow tones so you can maintain your shade of blonde. Whether your blonde is natural or colored, purple shampoos are a must to keep any unwanted yellow tones away, no matter the shade of your blonde.

Indigo Child’s favorite purple shampoo is also from the Kerastase Blonde Absolue line: Bain Ultra-Violet Purple shampoo. This shampoo is great for any blonde shade, whether natural or colored, and works to not only protect and maintain your blonde tones, but softens your hair, giving it that healthy glow we’re all striving for every day.

HOT TIP: You can overdo it with purple shampoo, so be diligent about swapping it out for your regular shampoo a few times a week.


Extra Love

Bleaching and coloring your hair is inherently damaging, but beauty is pain, right?! The best way to avoid an over processed look and to maintain the integrity of your hair is relying heavily on hair masks in-between salon visits, and we have the perfect one to recommend.

For a deep conditioning treatment, Shu Uemura has a Color Lustre Cool Shades Reviving Hair Balm is amazing for refreshing platinum tones. Use this balm every two to three shampoos to give your blonde locks an extra boost.

If your hair needs a pick-me-up to fight split ends and revitalize damaged hair, Shu Uemura also has an Ultimate Reset Hair Mask that strengthens damaged hair and helps you avoid breakage like the plague.

Maintaining your perfect blonde shade while keeping your hair healthy isn’t impossible when you have the right lineup of hair products. At Indigo Child Dallas, we want to help you find the right tools and hair products so you can wear your best shade of blonde. When in doubt, just ask your stylist and they’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

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