Ah, summer—the season of bottomless margaritas, endless adventures, and glorious weather. Here at the Indigo, we thrive during this time of year. However, amidst all the delightful summer experiences, it's crucial to prioritize the health of your hair. The sun's UV rays, pool or ocean water, and other environmental factors can wreak havoc, causing dryness, damage, and unruly frizz. But there’s no need to worry about all of that with a team of stylists ready to give you all the tools you need to maintain your hair at its prime. With the right hair care routine and a handful of essential tips, you can relish in your margaritas while ensuring your hair stays luxuriously vibrant throughout the entire summer.

  1. Pack a Leave-In or 10-in-1 Product:

One of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your hair from the sun's harmful UV rays is to pack a leave-in or a 10-in-1 product in your beach bag. These products are lightweight and typically contain a UV protectant that shields your hair from damage. Apply the leave-in product to your hair before heading out in the sun to provide a protective barrier and prevent dryness and color fading. It's a convenient and essential step in your summer hair care routine.

  1. Rinse Your Hair After Swimming:

Whether you take a dip in the pool or enjoy a swim in the ocean, it's crucial to rinse your hair afterward. Chlorine and salt water can strip away natural oils and leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. If possible, use an outdoor shower or hose to rinse out the water immediately after swimming. Once rinsed, reapply your leave-in or 10-in-1 product to provide additional hydration and protection against the sun's rays.

  1. Detox Shampoo to Remove Impurities:

Regular exposure to pool chemicals, saltwater, and environmental pollutants can build up on your hair and scalp. To combat this, incorporate a detox shampoo into your hair care routine. Look for products specifically designed to remove metals or ones that contain ingredients like our stylist-recommended K18 or Metal Detox Shampoo, which helps repair and strengthen damaged hair. After swimming, lather up your hair with the detox shampoo and let it soak for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. 

  1. Overnight Treatment for Nourished Hair:

An overnight treatment can work wonders for your hair while you sleep. Consider using some of our favorites Cicanuit Hair Serum or the 8H treatment, which requires no rinsing and provides nourishment to your hair overnight. Simply apply 1-2 pumps of the treatment through your hair ends before going to bed, and wake up to beautifully nourished hair. 

  1. Hydrate Your Hair from Within:

While external hair care is essential, it's equally important to nourish your hair from within by staying hydrated. During the summer, increased sun exposure and higher temperatures can lead to dehydration, which can affect the health and appearance of your hair. Here are some tips to hydrate your hair from within:

Maintaining healthy hair during the summer doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these five essential tips, you can protect your hair from the sun's harmful UV rays, prevent damage caused by the pool or ocean water, and keep your locks looking vibrant and healthy throughout the season.

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